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Vehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC
  • Vehicle Tracking POCVehicle Tracking POC

Vehicle Tracking POC

China Vehicle Tracking POC Factory Directly Supply. Lisheng is Vehicle Tracking POC manufacturer and supplier in China.


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Product Description

Lisheng is one of the famous China Vehicle Tracking POC manufacturers and suppliers.  Vehicle Tracking PoC is a powerful vehicle tracking communication system that integrates voice communication, GPS positioning, and vehicle tracking. It uses 2G/3G/4G and mobile network technology for wireless transmission of voice and data, supports real-time monitoring, tracking vehicle location and other basic communication services, and is widely used in public security police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, special combat vehicles, etc. Mobile communication and tracking of vehicles. The main features of the system include: 1. Intelligent vehicle terminal with built-in GPS location and GPRS data transmission module; 2. High-quality voice and data transmission, supporting group calls, individual calls and emergency calls; 3. Full vehicle location monitoring, real-time 4. Convenient and flexible management and control, the vehicle display screen can display the driver and vehicle status; 5. The mobile network is plug-and-play, and mobile wireless TV integrates distance-free communication under 4G communication. No lag. Vehicle Tracking PoC is an intelligent, efficient and practical vehicle tracking communication system. It is widely used in vehicle management in public security, fire protection, transportation, logistics and other industries. It can provide real-time monitoring based on the driving and parking conditions of the vehicle to prevent traffic The occurrence of accidents, improving emergency rescue efficiency, vehicle tracking and location monitoring, etc. When used in public security police vehicles, Vehicle Tracking PoC can issue and receive instructions at any time, improving communication efficiency, and strengthening police vehicle search and arrest capabilities and anti-terrorism emergency response capabilities; when used in fire trucks, Vehicle Tracking PoC can quickly obtain fire information Status, as well as information about fire-fighting vehicles, to quickly determine the rescue scope and response plan. Vehicle Tracking PoC is an efficient, reliable and practical vehicle tracking communication system that can track the vehicle's driving position, route and speed in real time, improve communication capabilities and efficiency in public safety, transportation, logistics and other industries, and increase users' sense of security and trust.

The D828 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) mobile radios are professional-grade communications devices support CDMA/GSM/WCDMA/LTE.

Depend on powerful cellular, you could receive the call anytime, anywhere, and makes the communication seamless and efficient, with unlimited talking distance.

The D828 provides clear push-to-talk communication, instant group calling, and location tracking for reliable and efficient fleet dispatching and make a safe communications while driving.

D828 is also compatible with multiple dispatching management platforms with various functions, such as Private Call/Group Call, SOS, GPS navigation, radio track playback... Currently, we have already integrated with TASSTA, ZELLO, Virtual Trunk, Real PTT, POCSTAR, ZTE…

Product Specification:


















vehicle 13.8V


Charging,Data transmission

SIM Card

1 SIM card









Operating temperature range


Product Details:

●GPS/Glonass/Beidou navigation

Using traditional trunking solution would occur high cost, the GPS function supply you high efficiency in trunking, also improved productivity of the assignment can now be done based on the location by console.

●Functional dispatching system

The Dispatch Console allows efficient management to increase productivity

●Android operating system

It is Android 5.1.1, more flexible for users to adopt kinds of platform.

●WiFi Function

Under WiFi coverage, users can freely choose to use WiFi connect, save cost on network.

●Compact & Heavy-duty design

With IP54 design and easy to install, it can uses in variety environment.


Unique for: Security Guard, Construction site, Industry Production site. Commercial use like: Hotel,

Hospital, University, Commercial Event; Sports Popular for: Airport, Railway, Army, Government, Rescue, Police, Outdoor adventure, Logistics, Taxi, Truck, Camping, Travelling, Big shopping mall, Big Hotel, Outdoor Events, etc.

● Compatible with multiple dispatching management platforms

Compatible with multiple dispatching management platforms with various functions, such as Private

Call/Group Call, SOS, GPS navigation, radio track playback... Currently, we have already integrated with


● 1.77 inch color screen

The radio adopts 1.77 inch color LCD display, which makes the display information clearer even under strong light.

● Bluetooth.

● APN settings are flexible to accommodate every SIM card

Our Inspection and Packing Section:

We are committed to delivering top-quality two-way radio products, ensuring each product meets the highest standards through rigorous inspection and packaging processes. Our inspection and packaging team bears the responsibility of ensuring customers receive reliable products, providing worry-free user experience.

Inspection Process:

1、Visual Inspection: Each two-way radio undergoes a thorough visual inspection to ensure flawless aesthetics that align with the company's brand image.

2、Functionality Testing: Our inspection team conducts comprehensive functionality tests on every radio, ensuring all features operate correctly. This includes key functions such as audio quality, signal strength and channel switching.

3、Durability Testing: Products undergo durability tests to ensure they function properly in various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations.

4、Battery Performance Testing: Battery life is crucial for radio performances. Strict performance tests are carried out on batteries to ensure reliable and extended use.

Packaging Process:

1、Anti-Static Packaging: Each radio undergoes anti-static packaging to prevent electrostatic damage during transportation.

2、Environmentally Friendly Packaging: Committed to sustainability, our packaging materials adhere to international environmental standards.

3、Shock-Resistant Packaging: Professional shock-resistant packaging is employed during transportation to prevent damages to products.

4、Integrity Check: The packaging team performs a final integrity check to ensure products remain intact and undamaged after the packaging process.

Our inspection and packaging processes aim to surpass customer expectations, ensuring that every two-way radio received has undergone rigorous testing and meticulous packaging as a high-quality product.

Customer Evaluation and Feedback:Satisfied customers are our number one priority

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