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Industry demand

The petroleum and petrochemical industries have distinct characteristics such as flammability, explosiveness, and precise control requirements. Due to their special working environment, there are a large amount of combustible gases and dust in the air, which has extremely high requirements for communication equipment. If it is a regular radio, it is highly likely to cause the explosion of combustible gases and dust in the air, leading to safety accidents. Therefore, in terms of safety protection and management, active and effective measures should be taken to eliminate the hidden dangers of hazardous chemical safety accidents and reduce production risks.

For chemical enterprises, safety production is of utmost importance. At the same time, due to the large area and large number of personnel in the petroleum and petrochemical park, the communication network often cannot achieve comprehensive coverage, and communication terminals such as mobile phones are difficult to communicate normally in weak network environments. The response time for daily operation management and safety accidents or other emergency situations is low. In addition, various systems in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, such as video surveillance, dispatching telephone, administrative telephone are independent of each other. Therefore, how to achieve interconnectivity between different systems and improve the efficiency of unified dispatching is also an urgent problem to be solved.

The water conservancy and power industry is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and a safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the water conservancy and power grid is an inevitable requirement for ensuring national energy security, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of the economy and society. Emergency communication for water conservancy and electricity is an important component of the power communication system, and an important means to ensure the safe, stable, and reliable operation of the water conservancy power grid.


In the field of public utilities, Lisheng always adheres to the concept of "respecting life and ensuring safety", and adopts advanced wireless communication solutions to ensure the ultimate protection of user safety in production. In response to the many blind spots in communication coverage in special places and the difficulty of compatibility between daily management and existing communication equipment, Lisheng provides a complete set of dedicated network communication solutions, including network coverage, signal blinding, integrated communication, global positioning, etc., achieving "comprehensive integration, full connectivity, access on demand, and on-demand services", providing unified and efficient communication guarantee for public utility command.

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