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How do walkie-talkies pair channels?


First, overview of the walkie-talkie

Walkie-talkie is a kind of wireless communication equipment, which is widely used in team communication, emergency rescue and other fields. It has the advantages of easy to use, simple operation, and not limited by distance. Walkie-talkie realizes communication through frequency modulation technology, and users can realize frequency modulation and pairing of walkie-talkie through simple operation.

Second, the frequency modulation method of walkie-talkies

1, manual frequency modulation

Manual frequency modulation is a traditional frequency modulation method, the user needs to manually adjust the frequency of the walkie-talkie to achieve the purpose of communication with other walkie-talkie. When adjusting the frequency, it is necessary to understand the frequency range of other walkie-talkies to ensure the stability of communication. The advantage of manual frequency modulation is that the operation is simple and suitable for some specific occasions.

2, automatic frequency modulation

Automatic frequency modulation is a relatively advanced frequency modulation method, which automatically finds the available frequency through automatic scanning technology, so as to achieve communication with other walkie-talkies. The advantage of automatic frequency modulation is that it is easy to operate and can quickly find the available frequency. At the same time, automatic frequency modulation can effectively avoid interference and improve the stability of communication.

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